How CRED Became One Of The Best Credit Cards In The Market – Funding Story of CRED

CRED is a startup company that specializes in designing innovative products for people with less-than-perfect credit. In this article, we’ll hear about Credit’s founder and CEO, and Credit’s funding, as well as look at a cardmember who successfully achieved and maintained their credit rebuilding with Credit.

CRED was founded in 2018 by Kunal Shah.

How Was CRED Founded?

CRED was founded by Kunal Shah, who is also the founder of Freecharge. He started CRED in October 2018 with the aim of making it easier for people to manage their credit card bills. The company is based in Mumbai and has a team of 50 people. Shah is an avid investor and has also invested in companies like Ola, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.

However, after this, for the next three years, Kunal spent his time traveling and understanding the economy of developed countries. Meanwhile, Kunal Shah found that Indian users are not yet very knowledgeable in terms of credit cards and related payments and that is why despite all the advantages of credit cards, the number of debit card and credit card users in the country is increasing. happened. There’s quite a big difference. CRED was founded by Kunal Shah with the aim of bridging this gap and providing more convenience to the credit card users.

CRED is a financial technology company that provides a credit card payment platform for users.

Today, Kunal Shah, one of the most followed entrepreneurs in the Indian startup ecosystem revealed that he doesn’t care about a college degree to hire qualified people in his company, but a senior leader of the unicorn company. Huh. One of them has studied only till 10th standard.

What is the Difference between CRED and other Credit Card Companies?

Generally, credit card providers charge an interest of 35 to 42 percent per annum on credit cards. This is where CRED enables its users to pay these outstanding bills on time with its unique business model, where CRED allows users to pay their credit card bills as well as earn great rewards.

CRED Funding

CRED has over 6 million users and has raised $801.5 million in 9th round of round funding. CRED’s latest funding was raised on Jun 9, 2022 from a Series F round.
34 investors has invested in CRED.
The recent investors of CRED is Tiger Globel Management and Sofina.

According to G2 Stack CRED uses 23+ technologies and services including, Google Analytics, HTML5, jQuery.


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