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Shark Tank India – This show is a topic of discussion in all over the country today.

According to 1 analysis, after the arrival of the Shark Tank show, many new startups and businesses have been formed in India.
So in this article we are going to talk about the success story of shark tank’s judge Ghazal Alagh and her company mamaearth, that how it started, and how it was valued 1.2 billion dollars.

Who Is Ghazal Alagh:

Ghazal Alagh is a successful Indian woman Entrepreneur. She founded Mamaearth, Asia’s first MadeSafe-certified health and beauty care brand. She born on 2 September 1988 in Gurgaon Haryana. Ghazal Alagh has also been a judge of the 2021 reality TV show Shark Tank India, she has invested in more than 10 startups so far.

How Mamaearth Started:

The story of the beginning of Mamaearth begins with a mother who takes 1 decision after seeing her child in trouble.

In 2016, when 28-year-old Ghazal Alagh became a mother for the first time. A daughter is born to them. Ghazal Alagh’s daughter’s name is Agastya.

Ghazal’s daughter Agastya was born with a different type of skin problem, Ghazal used to apply any baby care product on her skin, she get irritation or allergy she starts crying. Ghazal Tried all the brand’s products but still Nothing was set correctly on Agastya. After all this, when Ghazal Alagh used foreign brand’s products, then those foreign products got set on Agastya.

It was a matter of great pleasure but there was 1 biggest problem in this and that is that most of the foreign brands’ products were not available in India and to bring in India those products have to be imported in India and it goes very costly.

After keeping all these things in mind, Ghazal comes up with the idea of ​​a startup and she goes to her husband with this idea and her husband tells her that you should try, maybe something will change.

And from here begins the mamaearth.

Early Days Of Mamaearth:

In the early days of Mamaearth, only 6 types of products came in the market and now more than 200 products of Mamaearth are available in the market.

Ghazal, while doing customer profiling, noticed that 95% of baby care products in India are bought by mothers and those mothers do not have enough education or knowledge to know which products are right for their child. And which one is harmful.

So to solve these problems, Ghazal Alagh first talked to many baby care products manufacturers and asked them whether we can make baby care products using toxin-free components or not, the maximum answer was “Ha mem bana” So it can but no one is making it in India right now.

And after that mamaearth launched their 6 baby care products in the market and first they distributed these products to their relatives, family and to their friends and after using them, taking reviews of those products from them and more on those products Made more improvements.

Problems Faced By Mamaearth:

All this is going on that then Ghazal has to face 1 problem and that is why we should believe in you.

Because then other brands were running in the market and people using them and trust those brands very blindly then why should people believe in any new brand.

Keeping all these in mind mamaearth collaborated with madesafe . Made safe is tha non profitable company in US and made safe checks the safety of beauty and health care products.

You will be surprised to hear that mamaearth is the first and only brand in Asia that is certified as made safe.

After the certification, now it comes to telling the people that our products are sulfuric free, as told you that most of the mothers who bought these products were mothers and due to not having so much knowledge, they used to ask whether they are giving it free. with.

So to deal with this problem, he first educated the customers of mamaearth and most of them customers were women and you know women

Any thing that a woman knows and no one in her circle or neighborhood knows, then she shares it with everyone, then this thing has gone to a very big level and mamaearth is very popular among women. Gone.

And then mamaearth raised a little funding and started capturing the market through Digital Marketing and Influencer Marketing. 

So this was the starting and success story of Ghazal Alagh’s mamaearth.

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