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NeuzBoy AKA Milon Sharma’s Success Story And His Lifestyle

So hey guys NeuzBoy’s success story is here…

Who Is NeuzBoy OR Milon Sharma:

Milon Sharma popularly known as NeuzBoy is an Indian YouTuber. He is known for his news content which is related to the Indian YouTube community and other social media platforms. He provides news on his channel, and also he covers controversy related to youtube and social media community.

NeuzBoy owns three youtube channels:

1. NeuzBoy (1M+ Subscribers)

2. Milon Sharma (70k+ Subscribers)

3. NeuzBoy shorts (10k+ Subscribers)

Milon Sharma’s Study and career:

Milan Sharma completed his schooling from a local school and is now pursuing his graduation in BA (Hons).
Milan was an average student since childhood, he used to watch many other creators on YouTube. Milon watched Neon Man, he likes to make content and was inspired to make the video.
From Milon’s podcast on “Satish K Video” channel. Milon also decided to start his own YouTube channel in the same category as Neon Man. But he was confused about how he would get the news because Neon Man was a huge Youtuber and people used to give him the news. So he abandoned the plan. But one day Milon saw “Monu Bhadana” another YouTuber of the same category doing the same thing. He was inspired by his and decided to start his own channel.

Milon’s Success Story:

Milon in his early days, he struggled a lot, the internet connection in his village was very slow, so he used to go far to post videos on youtube.
His favorite actor is Shahrukh Khan and favorite player is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Milan is a youtuber, on youtube he gives news related to youtube. He started his YouTube channel on 10 March 2019. He say that the inspiration for making videos on YouTube is Neon man and Monu Bhadana, initially their channel did not get so many views. But in the controversy of youtube vs tiktok, the transformation of his channel changed. He first covered this controversy on his channel, after which his YouTube channel started growing rapidly. Then after that he covered a video of CarryMinati, which increased the reach of his channel even more rapidly and this video became the most popular video of his channel.

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