Who is RJ Mahvash OR Mahvash Amu | Biography Of Radio Jockey Mahvash – Updated

So in today’s article we are going to talk about India’s first female prankster RJ Mahvash. And know about his successful life story and his struggles.

Who Is RJ Mahvash or Mahvash Amu

RJ Mahvash is an Social Media Influencer, Female Prankstar and also Radio Jockey at Red FM in delhi.

RJ Mahvash’s real name is Mahvash Amu. She is a RJ (Radio Jockey) at india’s most popular and controversial FM shows 93.5 Red FM.

She born on 19 march 1994. She is 28 years and 10 months old in January, 2023. Her birthplace is Lucknow, UP – India.

Her father name is Sameera Amu & Mother is Jiya Amu.

She is single.

Although she is an RJ in Red FM Delhi region and her show was aired only in Delhi NCR city, she was popular across the country due to her Instagram & YouTube funny videos, prank videos and jokes.

She wrote two books named ‘The Bleeding Hearts’ and ‘Wandering Souls’. His books can be purchased from Flipkart and Amazon.

RJ Mahvash did his M.A. from AJK MCRC. Have done Post-graduation in Mass Communication which is Asia’s best institute for Mass Communication.

She has got offers from many movies and Netflix web series. She is also currently co-producing the shows for RJ Naved.

RJ Mahvash’s Career

After completing hier Masters in Mass Communication / Media Studies from Jamia Millia Islamia University in 2011, she started working as a book writer and published 2 books.

From 2012 to 2018 she worked in the media sector in many different news portals and gained huge experience through his work.

In 2019 she joined Red FM 93.5 as a Radio Jockey and gained huge popularity with her work.

She also makes funny prank videos on Instagram and YouTube which made her popular all over the country.

She hosts the famous digital reality show Playground in 2022.

At present, he has millions of followers on his social media account and this video of him has got millions of views.

RJ Mahwash also worked with famous journalist Ravish Kumar. She has also met Zeeshan Ayub. RJ Mahwash loves to sing and has tried many songs.

How Mahvash made people aware

Her videos on social issues also grab people’s attention and let their minds think for a while. From her voice acting to her videos, Mahvash always leaves her audience mesmerized and awe-struck. During this pandemic, when the entire world is going through many hardships due to COVID-19, Mahwash is using her social media as an opportunity to spread smiles and create awareness among her dear fans. She is involved in various initiatives where she can be seen in many places as raising her voice against the failure of the government and showing the people. She says that every problem have a solution. So she urges people to help each other as much as possible and she herself is helping by making people aware of the availability of oxygen cylinders and hospital beds. As a radio jockey, she stole the hearts of people with his amazing humor and quirky way of communicating. Before social media, the most common social medium was none other than radio and Mahwash knows this very well. Her enthusiasm is the only thing that helped her achieve many things at such a young age, where other people are just busy daydreaming.

RJ Mahvash in Big Boss OTT 2

RJ Mahvash showed up on the reality TV show “Bigg Boss OTT Season 2” to associate with the main five finalists in an show that gushed on JioCinema. The finalists included Abhishek Malhan, Elvish Yadav, Manisha Rani, Pooja Bhatt, and Bebika Dhruve. During the cooperation, the finalists talked about their excursions on the show and their viewpoints on one another.

Abhishek Malhan reflected on his transformative journey in the last two months during his interaction with RJ Mahvash. He shared that he discovered new facets of his personality on the show and learned to speak his mind when needed. Abhishek labeled Pooja Bhatt as the least deserving finalist and chose himself as the most-worthy champion. He also mentioned that he regretted losing his composure with Avinash during the ticket-to-finale task.

Elvish Yadav sought to dismiss the “wildcard” label associated with his name and emphasized that a contestant’s impact and contribution mattered more than the number of days spent in the house. He mentioned that connecting with his mother through a video call was the most emotional moment for him during his journey. Elvish deemed Bebika Dhruve as the least deserving finalist and Abhishek Malhan as the most worthy finalist.

Manisha Rani expressed her happiness for fulfilling her wish of appearing on “Bigg Boss” during her interaction with RJ Mahvash. She mentioned that she would miss Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav the most after the show and labeled Bebika Dhruve as a “flipper” in the conversations. Manisha also shared that she had learned to be more patient and open to the opinions of others during her time on the show.

Pooja Bhatt shared that her journey on the show was characterized by honesty, as she didn’t put on any masks. She expressed that she would want to teach people a lesson rather than make them understand her point, if given a chance. Pooja revealed that beating Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav in the final nomination task was the most cherished moment of her “Bigg Boss OTT 2” journey. She also mentioned that she would miss Manisha Rani and Elvish Yadav the most after the show concluded.

Bebika Dhruve, the first contestant called by RJ Mahvash, talked about her ups and downs on the show and portrayed herself as an underdog. She labeled Manisha Rani as the least worthy finalist due to her alleged superficial friendships and tendency to engage in backbiting. Bebika also acknowledged her mistakes in recurring clashes with Abhishek Malhan and mentioned that Elvish Yadav was the most deserving candidate to win the trophy.

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